Improving Diversity for growth at scale and speed (Individual & Organizational)

In today's deeply diverse world, businesses must adapt to the unseen landscape and embrace diversity to achieve growth and success. Promoting diversity has often been a challenge, as it involves breaking away from traditional industrial practices and adapting to new complex ones that are challenging. However, businesses that embrace Valuing diversity in their workforce will realize the benefits, including increased creativity and improved problem-solving abilities that create new revenue, expand existing revenue, and increase in productivity that compliments cost reduction.

To improve diversity for business growth, individuals and organizations must first recognize the importance of valuing differences in the unseen personal histories and mindsets. Leaders will actively collaborate with communities to increase diversity, actively recruit underrepresented unseen abilities, promote neuro-diverse equity, personal history empathy, and provide equal opportunities for all in the workplace. 

There are several ways individuals and organizations will grow themselves and improve others by valuing diversity. Firstly, individuals will increase their awareness by researching unseen personal history (e.g. indigenous, multi-racial, and non-racial) and actively interacting with individuals to learn their unseen backgrounds. This knowledge will help leaders understand and appreciate different perspectives, leading to a more prosperous and empathetic workplace.  

Additionally, companies will provide training programs that promote diversity and inclusion. Such programs help raise awareness among employees on the importance of diversity while providing communication training to support empathy, enabling them to interact effectively with all mindsets. This training should be provided to employees, teams, and managers to establish open communication and effective teamwork, results include revenue, team retention, and productivity increases.

Experiencing nations is a fundamental aspect of embracing diversity. Individuals who have travelled or lived abroad, exposed to different cultures and ways of life, are often more open to and tolerant of diversity. This exposure helps them develop a Stretch mindset on the world, enhancing their overall skills while improving their unseen diversity understanding.

Businesses must embrace technology to increase diversity. Technology can be used to attract, attract and retain underrepresented groups, and implement policies that promote diversity to improve team productivity, individual passions, and revenue. Using technology in this manner will improve hiring processes, provide better access to professional development, and assist in addressing workplace challenges to scale empathy for the unseen diversity.

When asked about scale, I refer to my own experiences in startups and mature companies. For this exercise we’ve assumed that business is built and we’ve grown, now we’re focused on scaling 100 to 1000 to a 10000-person company, there will be a holistic approach in all areas, and most important are recruitment, company communications, and within portfolio-program-project frameworks.

The recruitment process should be revised to ensure it is inclusive and empathetic to unseen diversity. This will involve partnering with diverse mindset communities and networks to source candidates, improve the selection process, and offer opportunities based on unseen personal history. 

Communication is a critical aspect of promoting diverse mindsets in a workplace. Along with communication templates, companies remove barriers and hierarchies that limit individuals' participation in group activities and meetings, creating cross-functional teams that encourage knowledge sharing and cooperation, and organizing activities that showcase team members' unseen diverse backgrounds.

To promote a culture of diversity, companies will create policies that promote diverse mindsets and engaging in all personal histories. These policies may include flexible work arrangements to accommodate a type of mindset, offering support for career development and advancement, and provide training and engagement that uncovers unseen personal hostory. Companies will support employee resource groups that celebrate and support mindsets and personal history groups that provide mentorship and networks of value.

Scaling diversity within a 1000 to 10000-person company in today's diverse world is vital for mid-term growth and success. Valuing diversity means recognizing and embracing our differences, promoting a diverse and infinite mindset workplace culture, providing opportunities, supporting employee development, and ensuring empathy in company policies. Implementing these measures will create a diverse and talented workforce that drives innovation, productivity, and success.

Embracing diversity in the workplace is an essential quality for every business. Businesses that value diversity will experience scale, revenue growth, and increased productivity. Individuals and organizations must recognize the significance of unseen diversity, actively take steps to promote it, provide empathetic environments, and embrace technology to improve diversity. It is only by embracing and understanding diversity that businesses will continue to grow in today's deeply connected world.


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