Unzombified: Living with the intention to Grow.

Stop Living Like a Zombie

Become a Leader who GIVES™ 

From my book, Become a Leader who GIVES, Section 1: Grow Oneself

We’ve all been there—feeling drained, stuck in autopilot, and totally disconnected from the world. This zombie-like state of being is usually the result of feeling overwhelmed or overworked, and far too often, it can become a lifestyle. We become so focused on the hustle, our jobs, and our commitments that we forget to take care of ourselves. But to truly become a leader and make a meaningful impact in the world, we must first learn to cultivate a sense of self-care, as well as a passion for giving rather than taking.

One of the most effective ways to break out of a zombie state is to start growing yourself. Refocus and bring back balance in your life by prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Begin thinking about your own personal development—invest in yourself by setting goals, reading books, and attending seminars to learn how to become more organized and productive. Most importantly, take some time out of your day to just relax and truly be present – this could include anything from deep breathing exercises and reflection, to taking a walk outside in nature or having a massage. 

Another powerful way to break away from living like a zombie is to focus on becoming a leader who gives. Make a conscious effort to improve the capacity and development of those around you by being an inspiring mentor and coach. Offer encouragement, provide resources, and share actionable tips whenever possible to help those in need. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and join a diverse range of individuals and communities, who can support you to think more innovatively and broaden your horizon in the process. 

Above all, strive to create a “stretch mindset” with a global outlook. Put yourself in challenging, unexpected situations and resist the urge to retreat back into the same old routines. As you build your capacity for self-growth and expand your network, you will become increasingly valuable to others. By pushing boundaries, enacting change, and seeing the world from different angles, you can make a lasting impression on the world and help shape its future.

Living like a zombie can be a harmful habit. Yet, by actively taking steps to reset, refocus, and grow, you can break away from that autopilot state and become a leader who gives. It will take time, but will be definitely worth it in the end.


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