Involve & inspire to improve

Defensiveness and Anger are indications of trauma triggered by the amygdala, lessons from The Body Keeps the Score

Involve & inspire to improve 

Growing ourselves is the first step in our daily journey to be the leader who GIVES(™). A test of our Growth is to involve and inspire others in the process of Growth using empathy and our experiences. By doing so, we will create a positive ripple effect in our communities and beyond.

Remember to put on your oxygen mask before helping others with their oxygen mask.

Lead by experience and example. One of the most effective ways to inspire others is to lead by example. When others see us putting in the effort to improve ourselves, they may be motivated to do the same.

Share your journey and experience: Share your professional or personal journey with others. The transparency will help them improve their empath, realize they're not alone and that improvement is a result they will achieve.

Tap the imagination to build a vision for improvement. The imagination is the most powerful thing in the world. Our minds process tens and hundreds of possible outcomes each day. As a high-performance racing driver, we asses all inputs from speed, toques, track conditions, weather, vehicles around, etc. these inputs change by the second and like life’s journey requires the imagination to see yourself inspired to improve.

Create a positive support system: inspire others to seek out validation of their imagination. Often Defensive and Angry people express themselves by focusing on your failures. Failures are the basis of improvement. A good leader knows what failure looks and feels like. Combine this support system with accountability and awareness of diversity and nations-based influence. 

Empathize and learn what improvement methods work for people. My experience shows if you suggest a book for someone, first understand how they consume books. For example, if they read but haven’t bought a book for years, buy the book for them. If they express a desire for audio books, then recommend an audiobook platform like Hoopla Digital (local library resources paid by tax dollars). People who struggle with improvement will often cite roadblocks to their improvement such as time (Chronos / Kyros) or access. Our role as we wear our oxygen mask is to inspire and improve them, sometimes we are putting on the mask for them.

Lastly as we celebrate progress, be mindful of a Pollyanna influence. There is gap between being Pollyanna and congratulating someone for improvements, no matter how small. If we use empathy to fuel curiosity, then we will experience a person's raw capabilities. The experience ensures positive reinforcement without being a Pollyanna.

Overall, remember that consistency is the hallmark to inspire and involve others in their self-improvement, i.e. it’s not a one-time thing. It's a continuous process that builds and seeks patience, dedication, and consistency. Through our efforts of experience and empathy, we will bring positive change to ourselves, to those around us, and beyond us like ripples on a pond.


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