Own your change, and change towards Growth to Grow yourself and when solicited, help others Improve.

Owning your change is an important part of life, as change is inescapable, yet necessary for personal and collective growth. While change can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable to adjust to, it ultimately brings a new outlook and perspective to our lives. Change offers a stretch mindset opportunities for growth, that propel us towards the life we want to lead—one of health and happiness.

Primarily, to understand and learn to embrace change starts with control of our personal change. When we take ownership of our change, we take ownership of our life. To own our change ensures us an opportunity to reflect on our lives, evaluate our past experiences, and be part of the force of our destiny. We acknowledge and accept the changes in our lives, then we will create new pathways of thought, and devise strategies to obtain meaningful goals. Take responsibility of our change to empower us with traction towards the goals that we must achieve.

In addition to personal change, we will embrace change in our wider environment to help foster collective growth. Collective growth will assist us in our stretch mindset to think outside of our own perspective and understand Diversity and Nations. To understand how the outcomes of our collective change will affect those around us, we come together to create solutions and Improve the lives of people within our community.

Overall, we will embrace change as a crucial part of life, one that allows us to experience personal growth and collective progress. We will elevate acceptance and ownership of our change that will Stretch our minds to improvements and reveal new opportunities to help us develop meaningful solutions and ultimately lead us to a life of happiness and balance.

Source: Excerpts from "Become the Leader who GIVES(tm) by Joshua Konkle'


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