Be-Do-Have, a philosophy for achievement!

 Be-do-have is a philosophy I was reminded about ahead spring break this year.

I first learned about it in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, later codified by Stephen Covey.

After I was reminded about be-do-have, I wondered “How can I teach this to my 6-year-old?” Note: I’ve introduced my older son to Napoleon Hill and releasing his faculty of imagination.

Lo and behold I was reading a book titled “Harold and the purple crayon”, and I realized it is a great example of how to live a be-do-have philosophy.

I am encouraging you to start off your spring season taking a look at the simple story about a little boy and his purple crayon, who knew what he wanted to be, did the things he needed to do, so he could have the life and the experience that he wanted.

Find your purple crayon and set-off on a
be-do-have journey.

Reference: Harold and the Purple Crayon (Harold, #1) by Crockett Johnson | Goodreads


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