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Revealed: Customer Self-Selling; How to startup, Pt. 2

Customer self-selling, product-led growth, bottom-up sales, and more recently growth plus sales. How to startup and avoid mistakes or distractions  Your vision is clear, create a single framework for an enterprise technology buyer test drive. Let’s start with the top three mistakes made, top three distractions and feelings, and top three steps to startup  Top three mistakes  Making the technology available for download, this works if you are Twilio.  Creating an evaluation guide, this works if you don’t support AWS.  Trial logins to technology, this works with an unlimited cloud budget.  All three of these will result in negligible product-led growth and sales. The reasons are simple: a) technology is too complex b) AWS requires specialized knowledge before working with your specialized technology, and c) trial logins to technology leave cloud integrations unmanaged and costs skyrocket.  Top three distractions  Anxiety  because customer self-selling isn’t selling on day one (1)  Uncomf