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Revealed: Digital Transformation for Product-Led Growth Teams, Part 2

I’ve reimagined what a team is and ask you to create a vision for your business with a reimagined team framing. COVID-19, combined with a changing social and financial environment, requires you to re-imagine, evolve, and adapt. I have done this for existing customers, so you will get there with my experience and access to technical platforms.  What is a team?  In a re-imagined team, your technology, documents, and steps-to-use the technology is stored in one place – let’s call this a  Catalog , like a customer experience App Store. You’ll need the  Catalog  to be accessible from anywhere in the world, and any customer experience could be associated with your technology – one technology, many customer experiences. Customer experiences may change during your team and technology transformation. My experience supports teams at any point in the technology and team transformation process.  The customer experience is made up of your content that enables a story. The story guides a prospect a